Coronavirus Vaccine:Do’s and Don’ts of Covid Vaccine

As the vaccination process is in full swing across the country and the peoples ages above 45 years are eligible for vaccination. As per the reports 5.8% of peoples in india vaccinated till 8th april.Now some questions arises that what should be do and what not to do after getting vaccination.India has given the approval for two vaccines name covaxin of bharat biotech and Covishield of Oxford Astrazeneca which is produced by serum institute of India.

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Vaccination process is very important for all the resident of india as it gives shield against the deadly virus.The way the virus has been infecting the peoples is quite deadly so everyone should have to get vaccine when there turn is arrive.

Things What to do and What not to do

  • Peoples who are already sick with corona and taken plasma therapy during one and half months should refrain from getting vaccine.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to get the vaccination as this vaccine is not yet tested on pregnant women.
  • You may experience some side effects after the vaccination process like headache,mild fever and tremor so you have to wait in the hospital for at least 30 minutes after that you may go to your home.
  • Don’t drive the car or bike for atleast 8 hours after vaccination.
  • Don’t forget to wear the mask as your body is not yet developed the antibody against the virus.So always follow Covid-19 protocol like wearing mask,maintain social distancing,washing your hands time to time.
  • You can consume alcohol after getting vaccination vaccination as WHO clears that it does not going to affect your antibody development.
  • After getting the vaccination you must have to get the vaccination certificate as it is very worthy for can use it for travelling abroad or going to other state this will be can download it from arogya setu app or from digi-locker.
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