Depression: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Reviewed by Dr. Hasan Feroz, MD

Depression is a mental state where one can face mood swings and behavioral changes due to certain conditions. it is a condition that causes sadness, loss of interest in the work. It also creates monotony in the work and the person is not able to maintain the regular state of mind rather he has a lot of disturbance that comes in the mind.

Depression is a very common disease found in all ages group. It is more common in the ages between 18-40 years. The treatment of depression is available and it is purely treatable. Depression may affect your daily routine resulting in loss of time and decreased productivity.

Symptoms of Depression

Loss of interest in activities which one gets enjoyment

Loss of interest in interacting with the public

Tendency to stay away from people and live alone

Change in body physique/weight gain or weight loss

Loss of energy/feels more fatigue

Less talking due to depression

Thought of death or suicide

The symptoms of depression may lasts from 10 days to several months. It takes several months to recover from depression.

Causes of Depression

Depression is a very complex disease and no one knows the exact cause of it. It may vary from person to person. Some people get depressed due to certain illness that lasts for a long time while some get depression due to changes in their life situations like loss of job, death of a spouse or any close relative, lost of any precious thing or failure in examination. There are so many reasons for getting in depression these are as follows:

Age- When a person is getting older in their life they are more vulnerable to depression because the second name of old age is the disease. Due to certain diseases, people in this stage are caught by depression.

Abuse- Due to sexual abuse, physical or emotional abuse you may get depression at the later stage of life or after sometimes of the incident.

Family- Some people may be depressed due to the bad behavior of their family members as the behavior towards a certain person in the family is not good. It is like ignorance, connivance towards their needs, and humiliation.

Deaths- In most cases, it is seen that the death of close relatives or friends is the major cause of depression. Breakup and divorce are also the causes of the same problem.

Illness- Some people get an illness that may be permanent or long-lasting. This situation causes depression.

Heredity- If you have a family history of depression then you may be in danger of getting the depression. It is found in research that a person whose family members are having depression in their life is more prone to get the disease.

Use of Drugs- Some people abuses drugs which negatively put affect their health as well as personality. The use of prolonged drugs is the main cause of depression as continuous use of drugs changes the certain chemicals in the mind that resulted in depression.

Treatment of Depression

It is very hard to live with depression as this disease can snatch all your social as well as mental status. It is very easy to treat depression as it is purely treated. Talk to your physician or psychiatrist.

The treatment of depression may last several months to a year. It depends on the type of the disease. Generally, it is treated with antidepressant medicines, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic medications.

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