Herpes Simplex: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Reviewed by Dr. Hasan Feroz, MD

Herpes simplex is the virus infection caused by the virus named herpes simplex. It may affect various parts of the body like skins of various parts and genital parts. It is more common in our genital and face. There are two types of herpes virus:

HSV1- Herpes simplex virus causes oral and herpes resulted in cold, sores in the mouth, and fever.

HSV2- This virus affects the genital parts causing pain, sores, redness and a lot of burning pain in the affected area.

Symptoms of Herpes

Although, the symptoms of herpes are very limited in some patients if the disease is not properly diagnosed and treated it will get worse. The common symptoms of herpes are as follows:

Pain and redness

Burning sensation while touching the affected parts






Causes of Herpes

Oral herpes or HSV1 spread through the secretion of mouths and contact with another person or sharing the items with that person like toothpaste, utensils like spoons and kissing. It spreads through person to person contacts. It also spreads through the air as the herpes virus is also found in the air and having weakened immunity may also the cause HSV1 virus infection.

While the HSV2 virus only spread with direct contact with the affecting sexual partner who has already genital herpes. it is not necessary that only having sores may be cause of herpes but if the person who has no sores may also infect the person.

Diagnosis of Herpes Simplex

It is very easy in some cases to diagnose herpes. Its appearance confirms the diagnosis of herpes. There is no need for testing for herpes. In some rare cases, your doctor may send the samples of your affected area for culture to diagnose the disease. Instead of this, your doctor may also suggest you to perform a PCR test.

Treatment of Herpes Simplex

There are only limited drugs that treats herpes virus-like acyclovir, famciclovir. When the diagnosis is confirmed your doctor may prescribe the medicine and also the local cream to apply on the affected parts. You can also get relief from a warm bath and proper sanitization. Medicines only help to check the outbreak of the virus and control the sores. If you don’t treat your sores, it will go away after sometimes but it takes sometime to heal.


It is said that prevention is a cure. If you want to keep yourself away from herpes attack you must have to follow these steps:

Avoid multiple partners

Use proper protection during sex if partners are multiple

Avoid oral and anal sex

Don’t share the utensils and toothbrush etc with the affected person

Washing the hands properly after touching the affected parts

Avoid physical relation and sharing the items of infected person

If these steps have been kept in the mind, you will never be a victim of herpes. If you directly come in contact with infected person, it is not necessary that you will be the victim of herpes as its outbreak. The herpes virus lying dormant in our body and remain inactive. It actives when our immune system is weakened. Herpes always not causes pain and discomfort, sometimes it is visible without any symptoms. So it is advised to keep yourself away from herpes affected person.

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