Post-COVID Conditions

Reviewed by Dr. Hasan Feroz, MD.

Many peoples who have covid-19 disease recover completely from the disease but very few of them may face certain symptoms after recovering from the disease. These symptoms may last four weeks to fourteen weeks.

These conditions are known as post covid conditions, long haul covid, acute covid conditions. The exact reasons for these conditions are unknown to medical experts but still is being investigating for the exact cause of these symptoms. The COVID virus died after 9 to 10 days of infection in the body but it left so many problems/conditions in the body.

Post-Covid Symptoms

Some people are facing a wide range of different symptoms and it varies from person to person and may last weeks to several months. These symptoms are as follows:

Fast heart rate

Slow heart rate

Shortness of breath


Extreme weakness


Fever if any strenuous work

Blood clotting

Pulmonary embolism

Sleeping problems


Mood Swing


Changes in taste and smell

Joint pain

Inflammation in the parts of the body

Organs that can be damage due to Covid

It is well known that Covid primarily affects the lungs but it also hurts the heart, lungs, and brain. These are the vital organs in our body.

Heart- The Covid recovered patient mostly complaints about the heart problems like high BP, Low BP, tachycardia, bradycardia and shortness of breath. When their image of the heart is taken it shows damage to the heart muscle. It is clear that Covid affects the heart and leads to serious complications like heart failure, heart attack, and even death.

Lungs– Pneumonia associated with Covid is the main cause of breathlessness. The small air sacs of the lungs are damaged due to pneumonia resulting in long-term breathing problems. It also cause small fibrosis made in the lungs that damage the air sacs.

Brain- It is seen that some patients suffer from brain stroke, paralysis and seizures. Covid also causes the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Blood Clotting- It is very to form clotting in the blood during and after the Covid-19 infection. These clotting may cause severe heart attack, stroke, organ failure. When these clots move in the one parts to other parts of the body it may stick in the small veins and resulted in a stroke, heart attack and paralysis in the affected part of the body.

In most of the patients, it is observed that patients have developed multiple organ inflammation where the vital organs getting inflamed. It is occurred in patients who have recovered from Covid-19 and having an age of more than 50 years.

Patients who have been suffering from other diseases like comorbidity faces more post covid symptoms, especially diabetes and high blood pressure patients.


It is very essential to prevent yourself from undesired symptoms of Covid-19. The most practical way to prevent yourself from life-threatening symptoms is to get a vaccination against covid 19 as soon as possible. Secondly, avoid yourself from the crowd and use a face mask instead of having vaccinated. Use mask if you visits to public places like metros, malls, market and worship places.

If you are infected with the Covid virus you must have to take all the measures that can prevent you from worsening the condition for example if a person who is positive with covid must consult to the doctor and start treatment as soon as possible to avoid any medical emergency. Follow the complete time of quarantine and avoid meeting people during the period.

If the oxygen level is getting low from 90 you must have to take oxygen support to avoid lungs complications. Avoid self medications that lead to condition severe.

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