Cranberry Benefits

Cranberries are small, hard, round, red fruits with a flavor both bitter and sour. Cranberry is highly a nutritious fruit related to blueberries, bilberries family. It is widely used in the form of sauce, juices, desserts. Its taste is bitter so it is difficult to eat raw so it is mixed with some other foods like ice creams, shakes and juices.

It contains high nutrition and antioxidant and people consider it as a high food. It is considered effective in treating UTIs. Various research has shown positive results in treating UTI. It also effective in the treatment of certain types of cancer.

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Nutrition Facts

Most of the contents in the cranberry contain water, fiber and carbs.

  • Calories: 46%
  • Water: 87%
  • Protein0.4 grams
  • Carbs: 12.2 grams
  • Sugar4 grams
  • Fiber4.6 grams
  • Fat0.1 grams

The above facts are for per 100 grams of cranberry.

Vitamins and Minerals

Cranberry also contains several vitamins and minerals, these are:

Manganese- It is found in most of the foods. It is essential for the growth and development of the body, metabolism and antioxidant.

Vitamin C- It is found in plenty of quantities in cranberry. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It is essential for the growth of skins, muscles and tissues. It builds the damaged tissue of the body.

Vitamin E- It is required to maintain the flexibility of bones and muscles.

Benefits of Cranberry

Managing UTI

Cranberry is beneficial in the management of urinary tract infections. It has been used widely in the management of UTI. Research also shows that cranberry juices are good for UTI.

In one study conducted in 2016 on 566 patients with UTI in India administered the two capsules of cranberry extract shows significant decline in patient symptoms of UTI.

While some studies suggest that there is no significant improvement in the UTI after consuming it.

Reducing the Risks of Cardiovascular Disease

Some studies have shown a positive effect on heart disease as cranberry contains polyphenols which is helpful in keeping the heart safe.

If a person includes some amount of cranberries in their daily food he/she may be safe from their heart side as it has certain chemicals which help the heart to work smoothly. It increases the good cholesterol in the body and works on maintaining proper health.

Prevention in Stomach Cancer and Ulcer

Stomach cancer is the major cause of death in adults now a days. The Helicobacter pylori is the major cause of stomach cancer which is liable for inflammation, ulcers and formation of cancer of the stomach. Cranberry contains  A-type proanthocyanidins which help in preventing and forming the cancer cells in the stomach.

One study suggests that daily 500 ml of cranberry juice is sufficient for the prevention of cancer and ulcer formation in the stomach.

It helps in:

Triggering the death of cancer cells

Slowing the growth of cancer cells

Reduces the inflammation

There are certain side effects of cranberries like if you take cranberry in large amounts daily you may get kidney stones as it contains high citric acids and calcium oxalate.

If you are taking any blood thinners, cranberry may interfere in the procedure as it contains ample amount of vitamin K which increases the blood clotting process.

An excess amounts of cranberry intake may also cause upset stomach and acidity.

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