Blackheads: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Reviewed by Dr Hasan Feroz, MD

Blackheads are small bumps on the skin that results due to clogged hair follicles. They are multiple in the count and looks like small hairs with black surface. Blackheads are generally grown in the face only especially on the tip of the nose but they can also be found in the neck, back and chest. it is a mild type of acne and can grow at any stage.

Causes of Blackheads

Blackheads forms when the hair follicles clogged in the skin and dead skin cell and oil collected in the follicle opening that produces bumps. Each follicle has one hair and sebaceous gland which releases oil to keep the skin oily and healthy. If the skin over the bump is closed the bump is called whitehead, when the bump is exposed to air and opened it is called blackhead. Blackheads are considered hormonal acne. This is due to getting the puberty age, pregnancy or menstruation where the hormone level escalated in the body and sebum oil is start producing in quantity which resulted in blackheads.

Symptoms of Blackheads

Blackheads are of dark-colored small type point-shaped multiple growing is the identity of blackheads. It can be easily recognized and there are no tests or imaging techniques to recognize. it carries redness, swelling sometimes but generally it is normal and poses no problem.

Treatment of Blackheads

There are several treatments available to treat blackheads. The OTC ointments which treat the acne are also used to treat blackheads. Several medicines like as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and resorcinol are used to treat acne and blackheads.

Your doctor may prescribe you a Vitamin A capsule to treat the blackheads if the above medicines are not working. Your doctor may remove your blackheads with the help of a special instrument to get rid of blackheads. There are laser treatment option is available to treat blackheads. Laser light generally kills the bacteria causing infection and reduces the production of sebum oil.

Prevention of Blackheads

You can prevent blackheads without spending a lot of money by trying a few of the following ideas:

Washing Your Face Regularly-Make the habit of washing your face regularly. If you are from a place where there is too much hot you must have to wash your face atleast thrice a day with good quality soap or mouthwash to remove extra oil from your skin and apply moisturizer to keep the tone of the skin.

Use of Oil-Free products- Try to remain vegan if possible. If not then try to avoid excess oily foods and fried items in your diet. Use high fiber diet and carbohydrates with less protein and fat foods.

Exercise Regularly- To maintain your body, you must have to exercise regularly to keep your body healthy. You need to do light exercises like running, swimming, walking or cycling to burn extra fat and oil from your body that accumulates in your body resulted in acne and blackhead formation. Exercise also helps to regulate blood flow in the body. Skipping may also help to improve your body tone.

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