Common Cold and Fever

Medically Reviewed by Dr Hasan Feroz, MD


Common cold and fever is the most common disease affect every people in the world. Nearly 60 percent of people got affected once in a year from cold and fever. Some people say it flu, but flu has more severe symptoms than common cold and fever. It causes runny nose, stuffy nose, headache, sore throat and lethargy. Common cold and fever may last from 3 days to 10 days and resolves with home treatment.

Cold and Fever Symptoms

When you wake up in the morning with sneezing, coughing and choked nose and feverish feel it may be due to cold and fever. Cold symptoms are mild but flu symptoms are severe and the patient needs to be hospitalized if he develops pneumonia. The Symptoms of The cold and fever are as follows:


Runny Nose/Stuffy nose

Body ache



Feeling of Cold

Sinus pressure


Like cold viruses, flu viruses enter in our body through mucous membranes of the eyes, nose or mouth. Whenever we touch these areas with our hands we infect ourselves with flu viruses. To avoid this condition we should have to follow the rule of washing hands with soaps regularly and try to avoid touching these parts of the body.

How to Diagnose it is Cold or Flu?

If you have a cold only then you may feel runny and stuffy nose as well as headache, if you suffers from flu you must have to check your temperature as it may rise to the level of 101 degree Celsius with body pain and headache. You condition may be miserable and you may feel a lot of weakness and discomfort while suffering from flu.


The treatment of cold and fever depends upon the severity of the disease as in most cases it is resolved on its own after 3 to 7 days and in some cases it may be resolve after ten days. Several medicines are used to treat cold like cetirizine, montelukast, fexofenadine, for relief from runny nose and stuffy nose. Anti inflammatory medicines can be used to treat fever and body pain if the fever is more than 100 degrees celcius like ibuprofen, paracetamol, and mefenamic acid.

Home Treatment of Cold

In ancient times our ancestors used to treat cold and flu like symptoms with ginger, pepper, cardamom soup and taking its vapor directly to the mouth. This technique helps alot by giving relief from symptoms. You may also take hot things like tea coffee, add honey and pepper to warm water to relieve from cold and sore throat. Avoid cold water and soft drinks/icecreams to soothe the mucous membrane.


To prevent yourself from cold and fever one must have to follow the strict rules which are as follows:

Wash your Hands- One must have to wash their hands at regular intervals as the cold viruses are found in the environment and when we touch the surface with our hands it comes in contact with our hands.

Keep Distance from Infected peoples- If someone is suffering from cold and fever like symptoms, you need to keep at least 2 metre distance from the patient so that you can not come in contact with virus. When the affected person sneezes the virus spreads in the room which may infect healthy people.

Don’t Share Utensils- Don’t share your utensils like glass etc with anyone as it may be infected. Use your own glass or disposable cups when you or someone else is sick. 

Disinfect Your Stuff- You need to disinfect your stuff with sanitizers or any alcohal base solution if you are infected. This will help to destroy the cold viruses on the surface as well as your stuff.

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