Causes Behind Baby Crying

All newborns crying and get fussy. some parents think that their newborn has some problem but it is common. Most of the newborn babies cry for atleast 3-4 hours a day for the first 4-5 months. It is common and there is no matter of concern.

Babies sometimes weep a lot without any reasons but not all the time. Sometimes they try to convey some message to you in their own language. Within the first 3 months, your baby may cry without tears because of undeveloped lacrimal glands.

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Reasons For Baby Crying

There are several reasons behind the wail of a baby. It may be colic pain, some problem, pain any where or an urge to sleep. Some reasons are discussed below:

Colic Pain- This is the most common type of pain. it mostly happens to the baby who are 7-8 week old and lasts till 6 months. In this pain, your baby may cry 3-4 hours daily with redden face it may be the chance of colic pain. There is no exact reason for this pain is known but mostly it is resolved within the passage of sometime. Mother who is lactating their child is not advised to eat such things that may create problem to the child.

Feel of Hunger- During the first trimester of the baby born, your baby may need hourly feed which resulted in low pitched cry that usually down after feeding.

An Urge to Sleep- Newborn baby often spends their most of time in sleeping as sleeping is quite necessary for their brain development. When babies have to sleep they often cry and ask for breastfeeding. This is common and poses no problem.

Fatigue- Due to tiredness, baby start fussing as they want to sleep. To tackle this situation, one must have to wrap the baby with a blanket or a bed sheet little bit tight which help the baby to feel like a womb situation and he will sleep.

Reflux- Reflux occurs when the baby sucks nipples and some amount of air went inside his stomach which causes heartburn and anxiousness in babies. To relieve these symptoms it is important to burp the baby well after every meal and latch the nipple in such a way that air could not go inside.

Fear- Sometimes babies get frightened due to some bad dreams resulted into extreme crying. It is necessary to sleep the baby where someone is present. Don’t lay the baby in lonely places and always remember that during the night it is essential to sleep with baby.

Illness- If your baby is suffering from any disease that you are not able to identify may be the cause of his crying. You need to visit pediatrician to consult about the exact cause of crying because sometimes the baby is crying due to pain anywhere in the body or he may have colic pain which resulted in continuous crying. Little baby also gets ear infection very easily as when they feed they vomit some milk which goes into their ears and cause pain and infection.

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