Ginseng: The Natural Power Booster


Ginseng is being used for a long time to treat various health conditions like weakness, heart problems, erectile dysfunction and inflammation. It is a Chinese herb and ginseng is found in the roots of its tree. it has been used in various parts of the world especially in northern America and Asia.

It is slow-growing herbs that take atleast four years to grow while some species like red ginseng takes 6 years to harvest.

Benefits of using Ginseng

Ginseng has been used for centuries to treat a number of medical conditions but the use of ginseng and its benefits is not proved beneficial by the research. More research is needed to establish the benefits of ginseng. Certain health benefits are given below:

Improve Brain Function- It is said that the use of ginseng may improve brain function like memory, mood and behaviour. it also protects our brain cells from damages caused by free radicals. It also removes lethargy and sluggishness of mind. The use of ginseng in adult student shows significant improvement in memorizing the lessons.

Reduces Inflammation- Ginseng has antioxidant properties that help in reducing the inflammation caused by various disease like arthritis, osteoarthritis and trauma. In some studies, it is found that the group who has given the ginseng for seven days show a significant decrease in their inflammation and it is tested by the CRP test.

Erectile Dysfunction- Ginseng is mainly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Most people know that ginseng is used to treat ED and its use in ED is being for centuries in Asia. Ginseng may protect the oxidative stress from a blood vessel and protect the vessels. In various studies, it is found that most men using ginseng from 60 to 90 days get a significant result.

Enhance the Immune System- The use of ginseng may improve the immune system of our body. It keeps the body fit and active. It removes lethargy and weakness while prolong use may reduce its efficacy. It is beneficial to the people who are in old age and face weakness problem. It gives strength to the muscles and reduces the inflammation of bones and joints.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels- Ginseng is being used to control the blood sugar level in both diabetes and non-diabetes patients. It helps the pancreas to function properly and boosts insulin production.

Ginseng also used in diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease and fatigues.

Dosage of Ginseng

The appropriate use of ginseng in various disease is not established yet. There is no set limit on the dosage of ginseng. It is a kind of herbs that can be taken in appropriate quantity. Most of the health supplement manufacturer puts ginseng in the various quantity that means the quantity may differ from seller to seller. One can take ginseng as herbal tea, dried herbs and powder capsule form.

Side Effects of Ginseng- Generally, ginseng is safe to consume but prolonged use or overdose may cause certain problems like insomnia, dizziness, diarrhoea and headache. Women may face change in their menstrual cycle.

Use of ginseng with warafin may cause problem to the patients, it is recommended to take doctor’s advice before taking the ginseng with blood thinners.

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