Coenzyme Q10: Uses, Benefits

Reviewed byDr Hasan Feroz, MD.


Coenzyme 10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that our body produces naturally but due to getting old the level of CoQ10 decreases in our body that causes certain disease of hearts, diabetes and brain disorders. It generates energy in our cells which tends to decrease their efficiency.

It is useful in rejuvenating our cells which are getting older in our body due to old age. We can treat certain medical conditions with the help of CoQ10 like heart, diabetes, brain and cancer. Fortunately, CoQ10 can be produced in a laboratory.

In various studies, it is found that CoQ10 can prevent the life-threatening effects of congestive heart failure, angina, irregular heartbeats. It also manages high blood pressure, regulates blood circulation and keep the body energetic.

What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is a compound made by the body and stored by mitochondria. Mitochondria is the storage device for producing energy. It also saves our body from the attacks of bacteria and viruses.

CoQ10 is normally found in meats, nuts, chicken, fish to some extent but it is not found as much in these sources as it can increase the CoQ10 levels in your body. CoQ levels decrease in our body as we age and to check this process you can take the CoQ as a supplement.

Benefits of Taking CoQ10

CoQ10 can be taken as a supplement in congestive heart failure and fluid build-up. It is found in early researches that CoQ10 might be helpful in reducing the congestive heart failure risks as CHF occurs when the CoQ levels decrease in our body.

Peoples who have been suffering from nerve pain or diabetic neuropathy can take the CoQ10 as a supplement. It helps in rejuvenating the nerves and give strength to the nerves.

It helps in rejuvenating the tissues by supplying blood and oxygen to the tissues. The main functions of the CoQ is to provide energy to the tissues. It can be helpful if taking it earlier to any big surgery that resulted in less tissue damage after the surgery.

It helps in reducing tiredness and fatigues in patients who are in their old age.

CoQ helps to increase the motility of sperm and improves the sperm count in men. When a person ages, the sperm count and its motility tends to decrease due to oxidative stress. CoQ10 effectively manages this condition and improves the quality of sperms. It can reverse the process of age-related declines in every part of the body.

CoQ is also effective in managing migraine pain. It is found that CoQ10 is effective in treating and reducing migraine pain and headaches. It reduces headache related nausea by 50 percent while it reduces the migraine-pain in adults by 45 percent. It reduces oxidative levels which cause cell damages.

It helps in rejuvenating the skin as skin is the largest part of our body. It faces all the external aggression from the environment that resulted in fainting the skin as well as shrinkage of the skin. Skin starts fainting as we are getting old also because the level of CoQ tends to decline at this stage and skin cell start dying. Use of CoQ in this condition is beneficial as it maintained the moisture and tone of the skin.

Use of CoQ in strengthening muscle and body building is quite beneficial. Persons who is engaged in body building and muscle strengthening can use CoQ is it helps in rejuvenating the cells of our body. Oxidative stress may destroy the muscles and affects the exercise performance. it improves the mitochondrial functions in the body.

Oxidative stress can induce cells damage and leads to metabolic disease like diabetes. Use of CoQ in diabetes patients may found that significantly improve in blood glucose level. It helps to regulate type-2 diabetes. it helps to break the fat in the body that helps to accumulate the fat in the body and leads to diabetes.

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