Home Remedies for Oily Skin

As it is clear that everybody’s skin produces oil to keep the skin healthy and shining. Oil is necessary to maintain skin tone and without oil your skin will loss its tone and it becomes dry and rough.

There is a sebaceous gland under the skin that produces sebum, the oil which gives nourishment to the skin. This is oily, waxy moisturize the skin. When this gland produces too much oil it leads to oily skin, clogged pores and acne.

The causes of oily skin may be related to genetics, foods, environmental factors and lifestyle.

Remedies for Oily Skin

Regular Face Wash- It is first and foremost step is to wash your face with good quality of soaps or face wash. don’t use hard soaps which high in chemical. Use natural soaps and face wash. Try to wash two to three times a day and after washing the face rinse with clean towel.

Exfoliating- Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin. It removes dead skins and clogged pores while applying it. It should be used every day if possible otherwise 3 to 4 times in week.

Moisturizing- Try to use moisturizer to your skin as oily skin needs moisturizer after every face wash or exfoliating.

Avoid Makeups for Long Time- One must have to avoid makeup whose skin is oily. Makeups clogged the pores which cause acne formation. If you have applied makeup you must have to remove before going to bed and make sure that you have wash your face properly and applied moisturizing cream.

Avoid these things if you have oily skin-

Avoid petroleum jelly

Avoid Oily foods

Avoid junk food

Avoid direct sun exposure to face

Avoid unnecessary application of cream that are available in the market claiming clean skin

Avoid Cocoa Butter

Avoid touching your face

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