Hair Loss: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Reviewed by Dr. Hasan Feroz, M.D.,

Hair loss refers to a condition where you faces hair fall from your scalp in a patchy form or from different areas of your scalp. It can be temporary or permanent. Generally it affects adults after 28 years but it also causes in children.

In day to day, we don”t notice small hair falls that causes 60-100 hairs to fall. This amount is so small that we don’t notice and it is quite natural but if more hairs tend to fall this condition will be known as hair fall. In general, we have 100000 to 150000 hairs in our scalp. Hair loss is common among men but women also face this problem.


Sign and symptoms of hair loss may be as following:

Full Body Hair Loss– Due to some conditions your hair tends to fall completely and grow back after the condition is over like in chemotherapy, the patient who receives chemotherapy for cancer treatment loss all hairs from the body. But when the treatment is completed the hair grows back.

Sudden Hair Loss– Due to certain emotional or physical conditions the hair starts falling with high quantity while we comb our hairs or during washing or even gentle touching. This condition arises when we shocked fora long time.

Ringworm infection in Scalp- This condition arises when we face ringworm infection (type of fungal infection) in our scalp that leads to swelling, redness and patches on the scalp. This condition also causes hair loss and patches formation on the scalp. The use of anti-fungal shampoo may relieve the symptoms.

Thinning of the frontal part of the head- In this condition, the hairs start falling from the front part of the scalp. this hair fall is very common and in most cases this kind of hair fall found. The hair follicles tend to tight and the follicles girth start reducing which resulted in hair fall. This condition arises when the levels of testosterone increase in our body.

Causes of Hair fall

Your doctor or dermatologist will decide what kind of hair loss you have. In most cases hair fall occurs with hereditary male pattern baldness.

If you have a family history of hair fall you will also face the problem of baldness. It is strongly linked with your family history. If your father or mother any of them were suffered from baldness or their ancestors were suffered from baldness you will also baldness.

Hair loss is related to one or many factors which are as follows:-

Heredity- In most cases it is found that the family history plays a key role in determining one’s life with hair fall. As already mentioned that this occurs with mostly men and called male pattern baldness.

Hormonal Changes- In certain conditions due to hormonal changes occurs like in pregnancy, menopause and thyroid problems.

Certain Medications- some diseases require prolonged medications which may cause hair loss like arthritis medicines, cancer medications, Immune system disorder blood pressure and sugar medicines.

Stress- Stress is the main cause of hair fall now a days. In today’s life, everybody is suffering from stress and depression which resulted in hair fall.

Low Protein Diet- Some people can’t be able to eat high proteins, vitamins and mineral diet and lack of proper diet also cause hair loss.

Treatments for Hair Loss

There are certain medications that reduces hair fall. It comes with topical creams as well as sin solution form which can be used directly to the scalp, the affected part.

Some medications which reduce the hormone level and resulted in hair gain names finasteride. This medicine is very slow acting and continuous usage for 3 to 5 months shown the best result.

Use of minoxidil solution for baldness and alopecia. It is used 5% for men and 3% for women suffering from hair loss and baldness. The duration of the treatment varies from two to three months.

Some supplements recommended for hair loss treatment includes biotin, iron, folic acid also helps in gaining the growth of hairs.

The medications whether it is solution or tablets it takes a long time for the best results. Patients started the medication and they found no changes in hair fall they stop taking medication which resulted in zero benefits. So it is recommended that continuous use of the medicines is necessary for hair growth.

Surgery- If the patient does not get benefited from medicines doctor advises him to go for hair transplant where your surgeon will put new hairs where the scalp is present. This method is useful for patients who have heredity hair loss.

Plasma Therapy- Plasma therapy also plays a key role in growing hair. Plasma therapy consists of a procedure where the doctor takes your blood and makes plasma in a machine which is called pure blood and that blood is inserted into your scalp through injection. This procedure involves three to five reviews and then the procedure is completed. It takes 3 months at least to get full results.

Some surgeons do not favors this procedure as they said hair growth gradually reduces and after sometimes hair fall starts again due to plasma becomes old in the scalp i.e. this process is not for a lifetime it requires repetition of the procedure, again and again, every year.

Prevention of Hair Fall

There are certain precautions that may be helpful in the prevention of hair fall. These are as follows:

Don’t Tighten your hairs with clothes for style or fashion

Don’t use hair dryers

Don’t use warm combs

Don’t use soaps and shampoo daily

Don’t color the hair with chemicals use natural hair color

Don’t use henna which is not natural

Avoid tension and stress

Protect your hair from direct sunlight

Quit smoking and alcohol

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