White Fungus in Covid-19 Recovered Patients: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Hasan Feroz, M.D.,

Amid the covid-19 pandemic in india, there are more than ten thousand cases reported of mucormycosis which affects the nose, eyes and brain meanwhile the cases of white fungus has been reported in Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH). The white fungus affects the respiratory system as well all the parts of the body includes skin, mouth, brain, heart and nails. It is not more fatal than mucormycosis.


The symptoms of white fungus are as similar to the covid patients. if the patient gets the infection in the chest. the symptoms are continuous coughing, breathlessness and fever. It may affect any part of the body and the symptoms vary to the location of infection. White fungus is not a new disease it is very common and we see most of the peoples affected with white fungus.


The main cause of this infection is candida albicans fungi. It is found in our body, in the skin and on the skin and does not harm us in general condition but when our immune system weakens it attacks. it may cause infection in organs like nails, skin, bladder, tongue and in rare cases heart.

Now the question is arises why covid patients are more prone to get fungal infection the answer is due to their weaker immune system. Most of the infections attacks on the people who have a weaker immune system and their body is not able to fight against intruders.

So in covid patients due to virus attack the immune system is weakened first then during treatment if the steroid is given to the patients for the treatment as a steroid is immunosuppressive medicine and it suppress our natural immune system secondly. So these two causes are sufficient for white or black fungus infection.

It is also reported that the patient has received the oxygen through a humidifier also getting the infection this is also true because fungal is found everywhere and due to the weak immune system the spores of fungal get into the lungs and may cause infection.


Unlike the black fungus, the treatment of white fungus is not so costly. For the treatment of white fungus generally anti fungal drugs have been given. These drugs are as follows:-






Amphotericin B



The above-mentioned drugs are used as per the symptoms and the lesion where the infection is present. Some are used as topical while few are used as oral as well as intravenous.

Prevention From Fungus to Covid Patients

There are few steps which may be helpful in prevention of fungus infection post covid. These are as follows:-

Avoid self-medication

Avoid Steroid use

Regular check sugar level during covid disease

If you are taking oxygen always use sterile water for the humidifier bottle.

Wash the humidifier bottle with hot water to eliminate pre-existing fungal if any

Take a healthy diet during treatment add fish, eggs, lentils, chicken soup to your diet to maintain immunity

Keep the room airy. Proper ventilation is necessary as in humid places fungus is found

Change the mask daily and if not possible wash it thorougly

Always consult with a qualified doctor

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