Potinex: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

Protinex is nutritional health supplements mainly based on peanut protein made with hydrolysed peanut protein. It is ready to mix beverage mix to meet the daily requirements of protein and nutrients in adults as well as adolescents. It helps to improve muscles and bone density and boosts immunity. It is enriched with vitamin, minerals, carbohydrates. Protinex helps in the recovery of muscle loss and makes the muscle stronger. Peoples who have an allergy to peanut is not recommended to consume protinex.

Key Ingredients

Protinex powder is consist of 85 percent hydrolysed peanut protein and 15 percent fat, carbohydrates and minerals.

Benefits of Protinex Powder

Protinex powder is used as a health supplement. It improves muscle tone and strength and gives power to the body. It is recommended for the peoples who have recovered form long illness and feeling weakness in the body. It is generally safe and causes no side effects. Children above 3 years to any age people can use it.

Protinex is fortified with protein, calcium, Vitamin B & Minerals like irons that are helpful in maintaining muscle mass. It is easy to digest and rapidly absorbed by the digestive system.

It comes with 8 immuno nutrients that enhanced immunity and provide stamina and power.

The key benefits of protinex are as follows

Strengthen the muscles

Improves bone density

Good for growing child

Effective in emanating malnutrition

Improves iron deficiency

Use as a supplement in pregnancy

Improves digestive system

Dosage of Protinex Powder

One or two table spoon with warm water/milk can be taken once or twice daily. For best result it is recommended to take twice daily.

Side Effects of Protinex

Generally there are no side effects of protinex powder but some people may face upset stomach, headache and nausea. Excess dosage may cause tachycardia, diarrhea and liver problems.

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