Gout: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Reviewed by Dr. Hasan Feroz, M.D,

Accumulation of uric acid crystals in joints causes gout. It usually affects your feet but it may also affects any joints of your body. In other words it is also known as gouty arthritis where the deposition of crystals in joints took place. it cause swelling, pain and unable to walk if it is severe.

Symptoms of Gout

Acute gout attacks are characterize by pain, redness, warmth, inflammation and redness in the main sign of gout attack. The main site of attack is under the big toe joints.

People affected with gout may feel pain, redness and swelling in their feet specially big toe. Some people face gout attack in ankles, knee and hand fingers joints. The attack of gout some so severe that the patient is not able to walk or do anything.

The pain and redness subside gradually and don’t requires any special treatment but sometime it requires proper treatment to get relieve from pain.

People who don’t treat gout and ignore it faces the condition called chronic gout which may damage your joints permanently and cause arthritis.

Causes of Gout

Accumulation of uric acid crystals in your blood from the breakdown of purines from certain foods causes gout. Certain kidney diseases and metabolism disorder may also caused gout problem as kidney is not able to emanate excess wastage from blood and caused accumulation of crystals.

You are likely to get gout if you are:-

Drinks alcohol and sodas

Eat red meat and oily foods

Are middle aged person or post menopausal women

Diagnosis of Gout

Your treating physician may diagnose your gout on the basis of your symptoms and medical history. He may ask you to go for X-ray and Blood test named serum uric acid. If the blood results is increased and the symptoms is also matching he may suggest you some medicines.

Treatment of Gout

The treatment of gout is depend on the severity and condition of your joints. if you have mild gout it may be easily cured with home treatment like applying warm water, use of anti-inflammatory pain relieving creams and rest. But if you have severe symptoms you may be prescribed medicines which relieve from gout pain.

Your Doctor may prescribe the medicines which gives relief from pain these are






Medicines which control the gout attack and used to treat gout are



Your doctor may recommend you healthy lifestyle which may helpful in maintaining the gout at low level. You may do

Lose weight

Quit alcohol consumption

Avoid red meat

Avoid fishes which contains fat

Quit smoking

Prevention of Gout

Gout may be prevented by maintaining proper food and diet. It is seem that gout attacks the peoples who are not take care of their diet and use unhealthy food. Avoid the foods which are as follows:-

Red meat and Pork

Sweet Dishes

Full Cream milk


Fruit Juice


Fish like cod and salamon

Avoid oily foods

Avoid Cheese, Pizza and Burgers

You can also take cares of your body like:-

Avoid obesity

Avoid dehydration

Avoid high blood pressure

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