Corn in Feet: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Reviewed by Dr. Hasan Feroz, M.D.,

Foot corns are hardened layer of of skin that develop against the friction and pressure of skin. This hardened layer of skin develop to protection itself from friction and pressure. It mostly occurs in our feet where the pressure point is present or where the feet bears a lot of pressure of body.

Symptoms of Corn

You may notice following symptoms of corn

Yellow patches with thick skin

Hardened and raised bumps

Tenderness and pain under the affected area

Pain while walking

Pain while wearing shoes or sandle

Areas Where it Can Develop

Below your toenail

Between your toes

Sides of your feet

Bottom of your feet

Causes of Foot Corn

Foot Corn develop when our skin of feet get friction and pressure while we walking or wearing tight shoes or slipper then in response to save the skin from friction corn develops. Corn feet are generally harmless and cause no any threat to the affected person. it only cause pain and discomfort while walking or long standing.

Prevention of Corn

The best way to avoid feet corn is to wear shoes that gives full comfort to your feet. Don’t use the tight shoes which tighten your toes and toes are not able to even move. Don’t wear socks which is coarse and thick resulted in tightening of shoes. Avoid long standing and don’t use heal sandles which helps in forming corns.

Removal of Corn

If the corn is not healing by giving proper rest your doctor may suggest you to go for surgery. In surgery your doctor will remove the hardened part of the skin. Simultaneously if the size of corn is small then you can simply apply corn caps available OTC to apply on the corn resulted in softening the skin and then you may easily remove it.

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