Black Fungus | Mucormycosis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Reviewed by Dr. Hasan Feroz M.D,


Mucormycosis is a fungal infection also known as Zygomycosis which is very rare and complicated. This infection is caused due to weakened immune system where a person has very low levels of immunity due to long illness and other health conditions.

If the mycormycosis is undiagnosed or left untreated it may be fatal.


Symptoms of Mucormycosis

Symptoms of mucormycosis depend on the location where the infection is present. Generally, mucormycosis affect the Lungs, respiratory system of the body but it may also affect other parts of the body. if it is infected in the lungs then the symptoms would be





Sinus Pain

If it infected the skin through any cut or trauma then the symptoms would be






Symptoms of Gastrointestinal Mucormycosis

Abdominal Pain


Nausea and Vomiting

Causes of Mucormycosis

Mucormycosis is caused by the mucormyete molds which are found in the Leaves, Rotton Woods, Soil and Pile of Compost and when a person comes into contact with these he is infected.

One can also inhale the spores of mucormycosis through breathing and this cause pulmonary mucormycosis. You may develop the symptoms of mucormycosis in the following parts of the body:-




Eyes and Face

Diagnosis of Black Fungus

In the initial days of infection, the patient is not known that what is happening inside my body as they don’t aware of the growth of deadly fungus. Later when you visits to doctor and complaints of having a problem of the symptoms your doctor checks properly and send the nasal swab to laboratory for testing where you will diagnose with mucormycosis.

Also if the infection is in your skin your doctor will send the tissue of your affected skin to the laboratory and on the basis of lab report you will be diagnosed.

Black Fungus in Covid Patients

It has been observed that patients who have recovered from covid-19 infection get a fungal infection. The reason for this infection is unknown but the most probable cause for this kind of infection weakened immune system. As all aware of the fact that covid infection causes a lot of complications and causes extreme weakness this is due to the weakened immune system.

The use of steroids like methylprenisolone, Dexamethasone during the treatment of covid-19 also played a crucial role in developing the case of mucormycosis. It is well-established fact that the use of steroids may weaken the immune system as these drugs are known as an immuno-suppressive drugs. So after the recovery from covid 19 patients immune system is damaged and mucormycosis occurs.

Treatment of Black Fungus

The first-line treatment of black fungus is IV anti-fungal drugs and the debridement of the affected part. The surgeon will remove the affected part and continue the IV treatment to check the further growth of the fungus.

The medicines used to treat black fungus are:-

Amphotericin B (given through an IV)

Posaconazole (given through an IV or orally)

Isavuconazole (given through an IV or orally)

If you are responding well with IV treatment and the condition is improving you may be switch to oral anti fungal drugs.

Occurrence of Mucormycosis after How Many Days of Covid-19

Now the question is arises that how many days does mucormycosis infection occurs. Usually, in most of the patients, it is found that after the recovery from covid-19 within 5-10 days it occurs. it may take some days additional or less than the mentioned time but usually, it is 5-10 days.

Where to go for Treatment

You may consult your nearby qualified medical practitioner or consult the speciality like ENT surgeon, Eye Surgeon (Ophthalmologist) or Plastic surgeon who is a specialist in treating the patient with such type of disease. It generally affects the nose first then ENT surgeon’s have a speciality to treat nose and later it covers the eyes so the ophthalmologist will treat the patient. likewise, if it is affected in most of the part of the body generally the case will be referred to the plastic surgeon as the debridement process will be done by the plastic surgeon.

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