Phirni Recipe

Chilled phirni made with full cream milk and malai enhances the taste. If you want to add some taste as well as texture in the phirni just like market you have to take the full cream milk as well as some cream. Further if you like rich phirni you must have to add khoya. here is the complete list of ingredient.


For 5 Persons

Milk 1 Litres

Sugar 300 grams or as per taste

Grinded Rice 100 gram

Kesar 1 pinch

Cardamom 2 to 3 pcs

Khoya 200 gram (optional)

Cream 100 ml (optional)

Milk Powder 100 gram (optional)


First take full cream milk and pour it to little bit flat utensil like karahi to burn milk easily. Add cream and milk powder but remember milk powder should be mixed well to any bowl with hot milk separately.

once the milk become half of its quantity slow the flame and put the grinded rice flour gradually and stir with spoon. Now after five minutes add sugar and khoya. if you are taking khoya remember that it is just like fine and free from boils. stir the milk and when the milk is reduced to half you may add kesar and grinded cardamom for aroma.

Now put all the phirni to serving bowl you may put some dry fruits over it for garnishing. Now put it to refrigerator for chilling after that you may serve it.

NOTE: khoya, cream and milk powder is purely optional and to give extra taste. you may cook phirni without these things also. The taste and texture of any sweet dish is depends on the techniques which is being used to prepare like if you will take full cream milk and simmer it till half its taste will automatically increased.

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