What is Oxygen Concentrator

An Oxygen concentrator is kind of device which sucks in the the air from the environment and release the pure oxygen through the process of concentrator and removes the nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It is used to gives oxygen to the patients who are unable to breathe independently. It is small in size and portable and can be shifted easily from one room to another room.


How Does it Works

As you people will be aware that in our environment there is nearly 20.8 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen and some percentage of hydrogen,carbon dioxide and neon gases. So it is clear that when someone is ill and not able to take breath then he needs pure oxygen and this is only possible with the help of oxygen cylinders or with the help of oxygen concentrators. So in simple words you can say that it concentrate the oxygen from the ambient air to 99% from the environment.

Oxygen concentrators provides continuous air flow to the affected person round the clock till 5 years continuously. It may supply 1 litres to 7 litres of air per minute which is sufficient for the patients but in some cases where patients needs more than that limits requires oxygen cylinders.


Oxygen concentrators costs between 35000 to 100000 rupees depending upon capacity and usage. It requires continues electricity and some maintenance which is little bit annually. But it is too less than conventional oxygen cylinders which requires daily filling oxygen plus it requires transportation. In other ways oxygen cylinders are not as conventional as concentrator.

Use in Covid-19 Cases

Recently in India there is a huge demand for oxygen concentrators due to high covid cases reported in the country and the shortage of oxygen cylinders. its daily demand increased 2000 to 5000 units per day in the country and the supply of the concentrators are not as much as its demand. The use of concentrators in covid patients is quite relaxing and tension free and it gives continuous oxygen flow and its supply never interrupted like conventional oxygen cylinders. Most of the concentrators comes with two output tubes where at a time two patients may be benefited at the same time. But it has some limitations that it is not suitable for ICU patients and the patients who needs high oxygen flow. The Covid patients whose oxygen saturation is more than 80 to 85% may use these concentrators.

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