Eid Special Kimami Sewai Recipe |Recipe| Sewaiyya| Sweet Dish

By Fatma Khan

Sweet Dish is made for showing love and affection. It is our long tradition that whenever guest came to our home we heartily offer sweet dish to them after lunch or dinner. There are numerous dishes available to serve but the taste and texture of kimami sewai plays a key role in conquering the hearts of guest. Here i am going to share the recipe of delicious kimami sewai.


Sewai-1/2 kg medium size

Sugar- 1 kg

Khoya- 250 gm

Full Cream Milk- 1 litres

Ghee- 500 Grams

Orange Color- 1 Pinch (If you want)

Rose water- 1 Table Spoon

Cloves- 5 Pieces

Green Cardamom- 5 Pieces

Almonds Big Size- 8 to 12 Pieces

Cashew- 8 to 12 Pieces

Chironji (Cuddapah Almond)-50 Grams

Talmakhana (Tavern)- 50 Grams half for garnishing and half for paste

Dry Coconut Powder- 5 Table Spoons

Dry Fruits Paste

Make the paste of talmakhana, Cashew, Almonds all these things take 6-7 pcs, Grind the cardamom 3 pcs and Coconut powder 2 Table Spoon. Roast all the above ingredient in one big spoon ghee and make a paste for that.

Now take a big pan and if the sewai is not already roasted please roast it in the pan to golden brown color and if it is already roasted then roast little bit in the 100 grams of ghee for one minute.

Now you have to make sheera (Sweet Syrup). Take one vessel of atleast 2 litres add 400 grams of ghee add cloves and green cardamom roast it till it start giving aroma after that add 1 litres of milk, 1 kg of sugar and a pinch of orange color and simmer the mixture till it start leaving strings now chashni is ready then add dry fruits paste which is already prepared and add khoya and remaining chopped dryfruits like almonds, fried cashews and makhana. After mixing khoya and all the dry fruits cook more for 5 minutes and now add roasted sewai and rose water. Cook it for another 2 minutes with low flame and after that your kimami sewai is ready to serve.

Now finally you have to garnish the sewai with chopped almonds,cashews and makhana and serve it to dear ones with love.

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