How to Increase Oxygen Level

By Dr. Hasan Feroz M.D.

Today it is a toughest time for covid 19 patients who have been suffering from breathing problems and their oxygen levels are going down to 90 percent to 85 percent. The shortage of oxygen in the country is a matter of concern but what you have to do to attain better breathing is to practice, exercise and proning posture which helps to maintain the oxygen levels at optimum level.

The problems of falling oxygen levels is more with patients who has already having a problems of asthma, COPD etc which causes a lot of stress while taking breathe. This can be managed at home when the oxygen support is not available.


Proning is the process where the patient is lying down with stomach and his face position will be towards down and he may put pillow under the chest. The patient should start breathing gradually so that the levels of oxygen increases. This position really works and the level of SpO2 increases. Patient have to maintain atleast 30 minutes to this position and if he is comfortable with this position he may lye to this position.

This exercise is beneficial for the patients whose SpO2 Levels are below 94.


Spirometer is also very useful tool to attain desired oxygen levels. If patient’s lungs are not too much infected and he is able to take breath normally then he must go for spirometer where the patient has to lift the balls in the spirometer. By doing so there is a sudden jump in blood oxygen levels that you may see in the oximeter. The Patient should have to do this exercise at least four to five times a day and if he is able to do more he can do.

There are three balls in the respirometer if patient is able to lift only red ball then his lungs has 600CC per sec capacity and if is able to lift red and yellow balls at a time then the capacity will be 900CC per sec while if the patient lift all the three balls like red,yellow and green he has excellent capacity of 1200CC per sec. This respirometer is boon for covid patients which helps to strengthen the lungs as well as it also increases the oxygen saturation in the blood.

Stay Hyderated

Our body contains more than 60 percent of water. When the patient is dehydrated his blood oxygen levels goes down. To maintain the optimum SpO2 Levels you should have to take plenty of fluids in your diet whether in the form of water or in the forms of fruits or in the forms of beverages. Health Professionals recommends daily 8-10 glass of water intake for healthy life so drink a lot of water and stay healthy.

Prices of Oximeters

In the indian market there are various types of oximeters are available ranges from 900 to 2400. Customer can buy as per their needs and ability of buying. All the oximeters gives true readings with only 2% error. The microtek oximeter is best in class and it gives accurate results.

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