The holy month of ramadan is about to start from 12 of april 2021 in all over the world. It is believed that this month is holy months for muslims in all over the world. Muslims keep fasting whole day and ends their fasting while sun sets.The holy month of ramadan will continue till 11 may 2021 after Eid celebration. Ramadan is regarded as one pillars from the five pillars of Islam.It start with the sighting of moon.

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Why To Keep Fasting

It is obviuos that muslims keep fasting whole month of the ramadan this is because in islam keeping fast in ramadan is fard for all the adult men and women i.e. from 16 years of age to boys and from 14 years of age for girls or when they attain the age of baligh. During ramadan the whole community do tilawat during fasting and avoid from sins. During ramadan eating is strictly prohibited who is eligible for fasting. After the ending of fasting one has to go for taraweeh after isha salat which is of 20 rakats in some sect it is 8 rakat.

During ramadan recitation of quran is also very beneficial and one should do tauba and astaghfar specially in the night of the holy month.


Most of the muslims do charity in the holy month of ramadan as it is believed that doing charity is more rewarding during this month. Muslim gives zakat i.e. an amount levied on the income earned during the year, at the rate of 2.5% to poor ones who are eligible most for getting zakat.

Instead of zakat muslim also offer iftaris as well as sehri to the peoples who are poor and do all the possible things that they can do to get as much sawab as they can.

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Health Benefits of Fasting

There are various health benefits of fasting. it is considered safe for peoples who are not prone to any chronic disease. Today’s life style is not healthy for most of the people as most of the people don’t exercise,walk daily and their habit is only eating and confine to office and home. If a person has high lipid profile can reduce the levels of LDL,HDL cholesterol by keeping fast one month.

Our body filled with toxins and extra fat during the year and to regulate and control these toxins fasting is required. Most of the scientist today assumes that fasting may change your body metabolism to good levels. It is observed that fasting reduces the insulin resistance and regularize the blood sugar levels to desire levels.

Who is Exempted From Fasting in Ramadan

Diabetic Patients

A person whose sugar is not control and has been suffering from type 2 diabetes is exempted from fasting.But he has to give kaffarah to poor one.

Pregnant and Lactating Womens

Fasting is also exempted to pregnant and lactating women as fasting may harm their baby.

Older Peoples Suffering from Disease

A person suffering from any chronic disease and dr advised him not to fast he is exempted from fasting. likewise if a person is too old that he/she cannot perform his own basic works like morning calls and day to day activity may exempt from fasting.


Children and minors are not allowed fasting during ramadan.

Things to Avoid During Fasting

There are certain things which should be avoided during ramadan to Keep your fast Safe

  • Eating and Drinking
  • Try to avoid excessive eating which resulted in vomiting
  • Dust or smoke getting into your throat
  • Sexual Relation
  • Be careful while wudu if the water gets into your throat fasting will be void.
  • Dont Use toothbrush with paste

Fasting is not Void by happenings of these things

  • If something is eaten unknowingly.
  • If you have got any cut or bruise in your body.
  • By injection but keep in mind that injection should not be energetic injection.
  • By Kissing
  • By Farting
  • By diarrhea
  • By Sleeping

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